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Ken at YountvilleDr. Ken Ring and other early NDE researchers had formed an organization with the goal of professionalizing the study of these experiences, called The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). By the end of 1980, Ring was asked to take over the organization and expand it.

Ring’s main research interest remained NDEs until 1987 when he became interested in UFO encounters, which, he believed, bore striking similarities with the typical near-death experience, especially in terms of the aftereffects following both phenomenon. In 1992, Dr. Ring published his research findings in The Omega Project, which emphasized the similarities he found between NDEs and UFO encounters and suggested reasons for the commonalities between the two phenomena.

Dr. Ring then turned his interest back to NDEs, publishing and lecturing until the year 2000, when he published his “farewell address” to the NDE field in The Journal of Near-Death Studies.


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